formulae: hop + e
your air and water
Cai Song De
Republic Poly, Dip in New Media



new handphone
new sneakers
dye hair
new mp3 player
learn breakdance / hip hop
become more built
enter RP Student Union
new basketball shoe
portable 150Gb hard disk
purple/black crumpler sling bag
Adidas training bag

1. God
2. basketball
3. gaming
4. RP Student Council
5. STA (Sch of Tech. for the Arts)
6. art / filming
7. hip hop / breaking
8. black / white / dark blue
9. chilling / drinking at cafe (starbucks / coffee bean)
10.chatting at Mac

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Change of environment / Wednesday, August 20, 2008


8:59 PM


bboying lesson 3. / Sunday, August 17, 2008

Today's lesson covered 3 steps, 4 steps, and chair. The only part that I'm stuck was chair, and the steps i could do without any problem. Today again ended up with injuries at wrist and arm, thanks to chair. Hopefully i can do it before next lesson.

Malaysia trip confirmed, 8,9,10 and 11 of Sept. Gonna have a huge spending spree since it's my first oversea trip. Hope everything goes well and safe, or at least I'm still able to return to Sg and army.

I'm quite restless nowadays.

9:20 AM


12 Lotus / Thursday, August 14, 2008

Caught 12 Lotus at GV Jurongpoint with kk, mk and Jason. It's a touching and sad show and i shall not talk too about the storyline much. But i really salute Roystan Tan that he uses 2hrs and 1 min to film the story of the song "12 Lotus". Lyrics are just lyrics, but he manage to make it alive.

On our way back to Tampines, some jumper took off at Commonwealth station, which disrupt the train service for almost one hour. I did not really see the body, and the authorities will definitately walk pass the public with the body. I don't know if it's really a jumper, but that's the impression that i gives me and infact everyone else. Even winning lottery is not that unlucky.

Alrighty, Malaysia trip is confirmed on 4D3N, because we feel 3D2N is quite short and rushing. Super cool, very good.

12:51 AM


bboyyyyyyy / Sunday, August 10, 2008

In a blink of en eyes, it's the 400th post for me!

Bboying is really a tough dance to master. Today i had a hard time doing the properly baby freeze, and i was told that my freeze was another type of freeze that can be transit to higher level moves. Cool balls, but i won't be learning those moves so soon yet. My wrist is hurting now. By right i should rest for the moment, but it will slower down my process of practicing on my baby freeze, shacks. And by left if i don't stop resting, i think my wrist gonna break anytime.

Oh well, gonna try doing the proper baby freeze

awesome popping by Hamutsun Serve, Japan

4:14 AM


Happy Birthday Singaopore! / Saturday, August 09, 2008

Woot, 43 years of independence, thanks ar Malaysia! For wanting to separate with us, that's gonna be a right choice.

National Day was like any other Saturdays, except the fact that i will go visit my grandparents on that day. The skies was bad, and it rained in Tampines for quite some time. Fortunately, the NDP wasn't much affected, a plus point seeing Minister Mentor LKY wearing that red plastic raincoat on tv, rox the NDP totally. The raincoat in the goodie bags finally came into action after so many years of NDP without rain. Cool balls.

Alright, bboying lesson starts tomorrow. Hopefully i can get the foundations right and fast.

~Bboy Xephius (noob)

9:53 AM


confirmed / Friday, August 08, 2008

Yes, so it's gonna be a 3D2N trip to genting/KL, prolly the second week of Sept. First week of Sept is school holidays, fees and all will be really high and we don't intend to squeeze with those irritating kids in theme parks and shopping mall. Furthur more it would be our last trip before we get enlisted.

I think there's something wrong with my wrist, and i think it's because of the long hours that I'm stuck to my computer. It's like very pain yet can't feel any pain, i can't move as flexible when i'm gaming, performance dropped, and all kinds of problem regarding to wrist pain. Crap.

Not only my wrist, but my left ear too. A few days ago i felt an itchiness in my ear so i use a cotton bud to 'ease' my ear. But the itchiness came almost every night, and every night i did the same thing over and over again. I think i somehow 'injured' my ear again, every now and then there is this pain on the left side of my face to my ears, especially when i yawn or eat. Crap x2

Side track away from my life:

I would say that this year's Olympics is really more interesting the previous batches. The amount of fireworks they used, and publicity they did all over the world, you name it. I'm truely awe by it. No doubt that it's the largest population in the world who is organizing it, THE CHINESE!

Chinese ftw~

2:41 PM


Things need to give up / Thursday, August 07, 2008

In life, sometimes you need to sacrifice something in order to gain another thing. I'll be taken a bboying classes at Natasha's Dance Studio at Orchard on Sundays. Man, i used to have church, then basketball training, and now dance classes. $120 for 8 lessons, dope.

2 month ++ more to play and learn, hopefully i can do better freezes and moves.

10:56 AM